Multifunctional neck massager ,,Hyper Pro“
Multifunctional neck massager ,,Hyper Pro“
Multifunctional neck massager ,,Hyper Pro“
Multifunctional neck massager ,,Hyper Pro“

Multifunctional neck massager ,,Hyper Pro“

£249.99 £179.99
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Multifunctional neck massager ,,Hyper Pro“

Multifunctional neck massager ,,Hyper Pro“

£249.99 £179.99

Many people suffer from neck pain for various reasons, including health problems. Due to injuries, previous injuries or existing problems with correct posture, it is not uncommon for people to face constant load and strain on the back area. Improper posture causes neck, neck and back pains that worsen over time. Regular visits to a physical therapist for recent pains are too expensive for many people, and the effectiveness of the treatment often depends on the long-term therapy used. A new generation, multifunctional neck massager hyper pro was created for the prevention and treatment of pain in the problem area.

What is ,,HYPER PRO''?

"Hyper Pro" is the world's first state-of-the-art, multi-functional neck care system, developed and confirmed by scientific research data as an effective tool for people suffering from neck and neck pain. The system is designed to relieve neck and shoulder pain, maintain the correct position of the neck vertebrae, and prevent the progression of cervical spondylosis. Hyper Pro adapts to your individual needs and helps maintain proper posture, allowing you to feel fresh and active. This innovative device also improves the comfort of the neck muscles and creates a correct position to support the neck. Neck massager hyper pro relieves pain, fatigue, relaxes the neck muscles and helps maintain the appropriate condition of the spinal discs during long-term prevention.

Custom content

Reduces neck and upper back pain and fatigue.
Helps restore the natural lordosis of the neck.
Corrects the position of the head and neck.
Helps suppress spastic pains in the joints of the neck area.
Increases the flexibility and mobility of the joints in the neck area.
Saves personal time and money.

How it works?

Hyper Pro gently stretches the neck and is designed to restore the natural lordosis of the neck.

"Hyper Pro" performs four functions:

Dynamic neck traction.
Electric impulse therapy.
Regulated heating therapy.
Automatic modulation technology.

What is the unique "HYPER PRO" massager?

Unlike many advertised massage pillows or low-quality neck traction devices, which are claimed to magically solve all problems, this device is a real guarantee of quality for your health. The "Hyper Pro" massage device instantly adapts to individual needs - bidirectional movement technology creates dynamic traction, ensures the correct position of the neck vertebrae and their flexibility.

"Hyper Pro" has 3 automatic modes for correcting the position of the cervical vertebrae.

Comfortable relaxation mode.
Improved push-pull mode.
Smart motion mode.

These three modes can promote greater mobility of the cervical vertebrae, increase range of motion, and facilitate daily activities.

Dynamic neck traction

Patented, intelligent dual rise and fall traction is the most effective and satisfying tension reliever that everyone can now have in their own home. The device creates an expansion between the vertebrae in the neck, thereby relieving pressure between discs or pinched nerves. The massager stretches joint structures and muscles, loosens constricted blood vessels and facilitates the circulatory function of human blood circulation in the surrounding organs.

Heating therapy

"Hyper Pro" has 3 adjustable temperature modes, which are responsible for the uniqueness of the massager's function. Heating therapy gently relaxes the muscles of the neck area, improves and activates the surrounding blood circulation. When the temperature reaches 50 °, the device automatically stops this program to prevent burns and maintain the optimal temperature.

Electric impulse therapy

The built-in pulse generator sends electrical impulses to the spinal cord, stimulates and regulates the propagation of nervous system impulses with pain signals in the neck and nape area, helping to reduce fatigue and improve sleep quality. The device uses Bionic TENS technology, which penetrates the skin at a depth of 1-2-2 inches / 3-5 cm and goes directly to the painful point. 12-speed low-frequency electrical pulses are adjustable according to individual needs.

Full body massage therapy

"Hyper Pro" comes with external electrode pads that can be used depending on individual needs, anatomical structure of the neck and nape area and pain points.


Impulsų dažnis: 1-1000MS.
Pulso plotis: 125-500MS.
Impulsų bangos forma: kvadratinė banga.
Temperatūros diapazonas: 40-50 ℃.
Galia: 12W.
Įtampa: 12V.
Elektros srovė: ≤1A.
Rinkinį sudaro: 1 x „Hypertrax ™“ kaklo priežiūros sistema, 1 x maitinimo adapteris, 1 x valdiklis, 2 x išoriniai elektrodai, 1 x išorinis elektros impulų laidas, 1 x naudojimo instrukcija.
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